Thursday, April 27, 2006

Requisite Landmark Tourist Shot

Hmm... On second thought I'm not sure that title makes any sense. Oh well.

For anyone who hasn't been, the Space Needle is 520 feet of 50's design, built in the 40's. At its base is the site of the 1946 word's fair, which celebrated the age-of-space. Somehow the Internet-age just doesn't stack up in the coolness department.

Bring on the Carnies
The fairgrounds, on this particular day, were completely deserted. It seemed rather surreal and post-apocalyptic I wandered around and managed to get a few cool shots. I bet it looks downright creepy at night. This shot is of the Space Needle rising above the top of a carousel. It was a sunny day, so I was definitely working the CPL.

Update: RBWright points out a bit of lysdexia. It's the 1964 Worlds Fair. Oops.

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RB Wright said...

I beg your pardon if there's more than one Space Needle and the other one is at the site of another Worlds Fair that was held in 1946, but the Seattle Worlds Fair was in 1964. Maybe you just transposed the 6 and the 4 and this is Seattle.

Ain't no biggy...just thought I'd check.