Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lensbaby Goes to War

On my recent trip to the city, and to B&H, I picked up some new toys. First-off, I replaced my POS tripod, with a low-end Manfrotto. I also picked up a Lensbaby Original; a neat little tilt-shift lens for an SLR camera. Not quite sure if it's going to be a permanent addition to my camera bag - I suspect that it's not. Hopefully it gets easier to use with practice.

Sometimes I'm afraid that Captain Sheffield Doesn't have My Best Interests in Mind

In the toy section of CVS I found a wonderful thing: Plastic Army Men. Not only were there fresh bags of Army men (A toy which I'd figured had gone extinct), but there were two different colors. That means I could have a little war! And if that wasn't enough, it seems that these aren't the cheep ones either. There are no less than 12 different poses for the little warriors.

  • Bazooka Guy

  • Recon/Radio Guy

  • Wading-through-chest-high-water Guy

  • Crawling-under-barbed-wire Guy

  • 30cal-machine-gun Guy

  • C.O. Guy

  • Kneeling-with-rifle Guy

  • Running-with-rifle Guy

  • Prone-with-rifle Guy

  • Bayonet Guy

  • Minesweeper Guy

  • Mortar Guy

I'm thinking that with all of my new subjects I might do a war documentary. Something about an embedded plastic journalist inside a platoon of plastic soldiers seems like it could be funny. I just have to keep from running afoul of the plastic censors at the plastic pentagon.

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