Sunday, February 10, 2008

RE: Blogging

Memo From the Desk of Zorlack:

It's been a while since I've written here. For those of you reading this post and thinking "I told you so". Yes, yes you did. Also, get off your horse.

For you the reader: Here is a list of new truths.

1) I will not attempt to catch up: The futility of trying to get a casual blog-reader caught up with the goings-on in my real life is enormous, and any attempt would not only be unsuccessful, but very boring as well.

2) Here be format changes: Yes, I will no longer be posting exclusively about photography. I've decided that since, on occasion, I do think about other things, that maybe those things should be fair game also.

3) Some things will stay the same: I'm the same person, more or less.

I feel like every return-from-hiatus blog post should follow the following format:
¶1: Hello
¶2: Yeah, yeah... I forgot about you
¶3: Here's what I'm gonna do this time around (in a list)
¶4: Recursive meta discussion regarding return-from-hiatus blog posts
¶5: Conclusory mea culpa.

So, in sticking with the format, and without further stalling: I'm sorry for disappearing. My bad.

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Anonymous said...

в конце концов: бесподобно! а82ч