Saturday, February 25, 2006

Composition and Contrast

I took a couple of shots inside the pavilion at Sherwood Island. The pavilion itself is quite a piece of architecture. That is to say it is utterly dated in its outward appearance, but kind of charming in its own way. Looking at it the pavilion through the CPL was a bit like looking back in time.

Two things I really like about this shot. The contrast and the composition. The depth of the black makes the window seem to fade away. The black on top and bottom makes the window "pop" a bit more. I took a number of shots like this one. I may post another.

I did a bit in post to this shot. I raised the shadow levels tremendously - this is pretty obvious. I also bumped down the exposure and increased the saturation. It was very difficult to get any color showing through.

Update: This photo made it to number 82 on flickr's most interesting on February 25! Its my first time!


SuperEvilBrian said...

The worst weather yeilds the best pictures.

Also, there are several beaches nearby from Calf Pasture in Norwalk to Penfield beach in Fairfield, Silver Sands in Milford, Seaside Park in Bridgeport to name the major ones. There are littler beaches and parks scattered hither and yon.
If you want to be more adventurous, there is Pleasure Beach off of the coast of Bridgeport and Stratford.
Any of these places will give you plenty of nice fodder and time for photos.
Remember the extra batteries when its cold if you're using electronic cameras.

zorlack said...

As one of my next adventures I'm thinking of shooting the Stratford Festival Theatre. Its a glorious piece of derelect-ness. Stratford and Bridgeport both have quite a bit of texture too them - I'm looking forward to warmer weather and an end to daylight savings.