Tuesday, February 14, 2006

King of the Hill

Some animals are insane camera-whores. You may recognize this little rodent as a meerkat. A group of meerkats once graced the cover of National Geographic in much the same pose.

Sam and I were at the Lincoln Park Zoo. I turned a corner to discover a group of meerkats sitting on a log in their standard pose. I decided I had to sneak up - so that I could capture them standing on their log - just like in the NG cover. I tip-toed closer and closer until I was standing right in front of them - they didn't move.

Go stealthy Dave.

Wrong. I could have performed a one-man version of riverdance on the same hollow log that they were standing on and they would have just rolled with it. Oh well. I took some pictures. They didn't come out well.

King of the hill
The only interesting picture was of the king-of-the-hill meerkat. This guy just sat up there the whole time we watched. He was content with his lot. And I was content to take his picture.


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