Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snowed In.

Well, I'm not actually snowed in, but I am trapped in Chicago until Tuesday morning. All the flights into BDL were canceled. Well boo for travel, hooray for another day and a half with Mina. Meanwhile, the nice people at AA were, after quite a while on hold, perfectly happy to get me on Tuesday's earliest flight. And, with coach being full they bumped me up to first class. I hope I get some sort of cool mileage incentive.

All of this is sort of an explanation for the lack of postings. I've been in Chicago since Thursday evening. I've got all sorts of really cool pictures to post (including a swimming hippopotamus). The chi-town pictures will start to trickle in once I'm back at home base.


NOTE: This is my first non-meta posting to not include a picture. Hmm. Any thoughts?


Brett said...

I hope you made it home safely and soundly...

zorlack said...

Back safe and sound. Had to take the afternoon off though. I was way too tired.