Monday, January 16, 2006


I spent some time thinking about how to keep this blog fresh and came to the realization that I have no choice but to produce. I've been seriously sleep deprived this week, so I took the holiday occasion to get a little extra shut-eye. In the afternoon, I made my way, through the snow, to the Southport train station. I shot there for a while and managed to get a few at near-by factory.
It wasn't until later, when Pang and I sought refuge from our power-less apartment, that I took today's shot.

I took quite a few shots, but many of them seemed kind of... ordinary. It wasn't until I put the camera on the ground that I really started to be satisfied with the images I was producing. This shot is of Pang's feet as he picks the ball he's going to use. As you can see it's quite a wide shot.

I feel pretty good about the day's shooting. I shot about 200 pictures and managed to keep about 15. Check out the day's results.

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