Friday, January 13, 2006

A Trip to MoMA

Max and I planned a trip to the city to see the Pixar exhibit at MoMA. Of course I brought my camera along and ended up taking more pictures than seems to be humanly possible.

I have a problem with taking pictures at museums - art museums in particular. I desperately want to take pictures of everything I see, but in so doing I'm not really creating anything myself. The exception to this is museum people-watching. I did manage to take some cool pictures of people admiring art - something I don't see a lot of. I posted a few pictures, but my favorite shot of the day is this one.

I took this shot walking down Lexington on our way to Grand Central to head out of the city. A quarter second exposure left the shutter open long enough to catch the blur of the cabs. And the city lights in the background didn't hurt the composition any. The one thing that I have to say at this point is that I feel a bit like a cheat using this picture. I feel like as long as you have a reasonably steady hand is nearly impossible to take boring pictures of the city at night.

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