Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Shot From Chicago

Sam finally got around to flickr-izing two months worth of photos - Sweet. For me its kind of like getting a visual flash-forward through her past couple of months. A lot of fun shots including a few which came out rediculously hot. Here's one from Sam.

[This shot was taken] in the star dressing room in Depaul's Merle Reskin Theatre, in Chicago. The subject's name is Amanda, and she is in my cast. This was taken from just outside the doorway as she pretended to be Marilyn Monroe - despite her age makeup. The glow on the left side of the image is from many incandescent vanity mirror lights. -Sam

I really like this shot - the blur on the subject's left arm and the crackely texture on the back wall make it interesting. Nice Shot.

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