Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Icy Death From Above

The weather has been kind of nasty [read: very nasty] and I'm also in tech this week so getting out and taking some pictures isn't really feasible until maybe this weekend. In the mean time I'm putting up another picture from this weekend's travels around the Southport MetroNorth platform.

I was leaving the platform and happened to pass the factory, opposite the Horseshoe, in downtown Southport. There, the metal grills which protect the windows have an unusual shape - necessary to allow the windows to open. Water dripped off of every inch of these grills and formed some rather ominous looking icicles*. I took quite a few shots of this ice formation playing with focus and adjusting the CPL. I chose this one and then played a bit with the saturation to tone the whole scene down. The flickr compression and resizing didn't play too nicely with my ice - you may want to view the full image.

*It is hard to spell icicles.


Mattyd said...

I couldn't be more impressed with what I've seen so far. Great stuff.

I'll be linking to you from my blog if you don't mind.

zorlack said...

Thanks mattyd... I'm happy to return the favor.

I'm still new at this whole blogalogalog thing.