Thursday, January 12, 2006

We'll see if I stick with this.

Well, to start with I should mention that I'm a huge fan of flickr it's photostream concept. In fact, all of the pictures that you will see on this blog will come from my flickr account. The purpose of this blog is to pull, from my photostream, the pictures that I want to talk about - and to give me a place to do so.

So, should this little experiment succeed, expect to see the following:
  1. Photos of things I see
  2. Comentary on said photos
  3. Random crap that I think of
The following content is not allowed:
  1. Meaningful self-analysis.
  2. Petty bitching.
  3. Passive aggressive bullshit.
These are my editorial rules. Please feel free to scold me if you think I've strayed from the path.

I'm starting out slow. Posting a picture that I took at thanksgiving in the Manhattan. Charles and I went for a walk to escape the family. There was no traffic. I was able to take my time setting up the shot.


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