Friday, January 13, 2006


We spent the better part of a day working with the technician from ZFX to setup the flying rig at Bedford. After putting it all together it was time to test it with live actors. The flying principals were put into their harnesses and we let the fun begin.

I filled up a 1GB card taking pictures of this madness. It turns out that most of them were way too blurry to keep but I managed to get a few that I quite liked. I'm sure I could have gotten better shots if I'd spent less time moving around. My goal was to take longer-exposures while tracking the actors across the stage. I'm a big fan of shots that involve motion-blur and crispness.

In the end it's this shot which I think I like the best. Though we had some stage lights on most of the light came from overhead fluorescent work-lights. Not the best conditions to shoot an actor as they fly across the stage. Check out the rest of the set.

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