Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alex the pigeon

On Sunday I returned from Long Island via the Bridgeport/Port Jefferson Ferry. As I was getting on the ferry in L.I. I noticed some pretty cool tug-boats and stopped to take some pictures. This, of course, was in flagrant disregard for their No-Photography policy. Apparently terrorists will only attack a target if they can first get their picture taken next to a tug-boat. One of the ground crewmen asked me to stop. I did. But not before getting a few pictures of Alex.

Note: In this picture Alex is the name of the tug-boat. Not the name of the pigeon. However. I like calling the pigeon Alex - and I'm the one who gets to decide.

So here we have a picture of a shiny pigeon sitting on a tire on the bow of a tug-boat. Hooray for interesting subjects. Boo for boring lighting. I wasn't at all pleased with the way most of these shots came out. The day was quite a dreary one and the grey sky didn't provide much of a contrast against the grey water.

Yesterday I did some reading on the Lomo effect and, more specifically, faking it in post. This was my first time using a script written by someone else on my photos. It did a lot of the things I typically do: Contrast, Saturation, Shadows. But it also added some gradient filter effects which came out quite nicely. I will have to spend more time playing in the future.


Mattyd said...

I love this photo. It made me smile. Bravo!

Brett said...

I love checking out that boat while I'm pulling into Port Jeff on that extremely ugly ferry. It's so cool looking.