Monday, January 23, 2006

Lighting Pr0n

It's been a crazy week - bookended by a pair of crazy weekends. Nine days and 230 light cues later we've closed the show. The show, by the way, was "Just So" - a musical version of Kipling's Just So Stories. Now I'm officially exhausted.

The good news. I got some fun pictures. Today's edition: Lighting Pr0n.

Lighting pictures fall into the same category as night-time long-exposures in Manhattan. It's very easy to take interesting photos, but very hard to take good ones. I'm sure these are the former. Less sure about the latter.

The Parsee Man's "Spice Girls" strike a pose for their cast pictures. The two really bright cool lighting instruments are Intellabeam 700hx's. Mmm... Neat. Take a look at the rest of the day's haul for more lighting pr0n.

Stay tuned. I have about 90 photo's of adults flying through the air to process - then you'll start to see something truly funny.

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